BlendBee has me hooked on tea


First of all, I love loose-leaf tea. I prefer it to bagged tea because sometimes the bagged ones are overly processed. It may be a personal preference but I think that loose leaf teas are the best.

I’ve also found that loose leaf teas tend to last a lot longer. You can maybe get two or three uses out of one serving opposed to bagged tea that’s for one-time use.

About 6 months ago, I became really interested in holistic healing. I had just finished college at the time and learned a lot about using things found in nature to heal the body. I became very interested in all things holistic. I dove into crystal healing and meditation. The real game changer was the tea.

I used to just drink whatever tea I could find for the cheapest price, but I soon realized that this wasn’t the best way to go about it.

Tea has numerous healing properties and the higher the quality, the more benefits you’ll receive. Soon, I found I was drinking tea multiple times each day. And feeling better and better.

That’s about the time I came across BlendBee. It’s a pretty unique company that allows you to create your own custom tea blends, and as I was learning more about different types of teas and their effects on the body, I was impressed by their huge inventory of ingredients.

Not only that, but they also offer pre-made tea blends. They offer teas you won’t normally find in a store, and the vast majority of their ingredients are organic. I still haven’t found a company that matches BlendBee’s quality.

I’m not only impressed by their quality of teas, but also the delicious taste! They offer everything from black teas, green, chai, herbal, matcha, oolong, turmeric, white, and even yerba mate. I had placed a few orders from the company and was happy with what they offered. And then I realized that I go through A LOT of tea each month … I kept running out.

That’s when I discovered BlendBee’s Tea of the Month Club. It’s pretty unique and once I saw how much tea I was going through, I decided to sign up for the club.

How the Monthly Tea Club Works

Once a month (at the beginning), they create two special blends of loose leaf tea. It’s a low-cost subscription (starting from $15) and they offer a small size “Tea Sampler” (30 cups) and a larger size “Tea Addict” (60 cups). As you can probably tell by now, I myself am an addict, so I chose the larger size. Not just one bag, but two large bags of tea are coming to my door each month.

You can choose what your tea preferences are:

  1. Decaffeinated (herbal, rooibos)
  2. Caffeinated (green, black, white)
  3. Both

They also give you brand new blends every month … these are teas that you get before they’re even available on the BlendBee website for other customers to purchase. They can also customize blends to your preference. I prefer the “Both” option because I’m all about variety.

Each blend has instructions on the proper steeping times. And they include a reusable muslin tea bag. This helps if you want to make tea on the go and be eco-friendly.

Overall, I LOVE their Tea of the Month Club. It makes it easier for me to keep up with my tea addiction, and they create amazing blends. Their blends are often fragrant and amazing tasting. I don’t use sugar in my teas, instead I’ll get a blend that has stevia leaf in it or I’ll just add honey. Their teas are amazing on their own. I highly recommend BlendBee’s monthly tea club to any tea lover.