Catering Cutlery is a Small Decision with a Big Impact


Big decisions such as venue, attire, the food to be catered, and table assignments are handled far in advance of a large event or celebration. However, there are a number of small details that even professional event planners can leave unconsidered until the last minute. At first, these details may seem insignificant, but as a collective, they can have a detrimental impact on the overall look and feel of an event if left unattended. For example, the cutlery used during a dinner service might seem insignificant, until the wrong knife, forks, and spoons are arranged on the table and change the entire setting.

It is in the best interests of the event planner and host to tackle smaller details, such as cutlery, throughout the planning process. Leaving such decisions for the last minute usually limits your options, which in turn makes the decision more stressful than it needs to be. Be prepared to make a final decision on cutlery by keeping the following considerations in mind.

Find a Fit for Your Event

The shape, style, and design of the knives, forks, and spoons on your event tables will never be the first decision made. Therefore, the other decisions that have a greater effect on the theme, colour scheme, tone, and formality of your event or celebration will already be determined. By the time you consider which cutlery to feature, there will already be a cohesive image of your table settings, which makes finding complementary utensils an easy task.

The cutlery you choose should fit the look, feel, and formality of your event. A black-tie wedding or all out celebration is best served by stainless steel flatware. Of course, even this high-end, fine dining cutlery comes in different styles and designs. Your catering company should be able to offer different styles and shapes of cutlery. But if they don’t feature a decent selection, you should order your own from online retailers and warehouses, such as catering cutlery by Pattersons.

Pulling Together a Lavish Event

Particularly at an indulgent and opulent event, the cutlery has a significant impact on the look of the table setting. In many instances, over-the-top cutlery can enhance the grandeur of floral china plates and incredible glassware. Decorative flatware denotes an event that is lavish and elegant. This is particularly the case when the table centrepieces and other decorations mirror the ornate nature of the table settings, which works well for a wedding or other lavish event.

On the other hand, when the rest of the table is set with ornate crockery or incredible centrepieces, it can be a sign to tone down the style of cutlery. This is an opportunity to add shine and glimmer to the table setting, without overpowering the other beautiful elements.

Complete a Casual Table

If you are hosting a casual event, it might even be appropriate to provide plastic or wooden cutlery, similar to those that are utilised in fast food restaurants or pubs. In some instances, this can represent a cost saving move for your event, as caterers tend to charge less for reusable flatware.

On the other hand, disposable cutlery does not provide the most environmentally friendly alternative. If you determine that disposable cutlery is the best option for your event, explore recyclable cutlery or even flatware made from recycled materials to reduce the environmental impact.