Designing Tips for Great Food Packaging


The main purpose of designing any food packaging is for attracting consumers. Your packaging should be such that it should sell by itself. Therefore, you should have a very strong brand presence. Your package itself can become your brand ambassador.

While designing your food packaging you must ask following few important questions:

  1. What is going to be my product?
  2. What kind of materials can allow having maximum protection and product freshness?
  3. How is it distinct from similar other food products available in the market?
  4. How much space in the container box shall I need for printing messages?
  5. Will any rigid or flexible retail boxes wholesale support your product best?
  6. Will the size and shape chosen prevent me from shipping my product easily to retailers?
  7. What is the price of secondary packaging and also transportation in order to get your product to any retailer?
  8. Can your product be stockpiled for a certain period before sending for display?
  9. How long can my product remain on the shelf prior to consumer consumption?
  10. What are various ingredients, consumer cautions, product benefits, brand identity?

Following are going to influence the cost of your food packaging:

  • Materials:

People have been using various packaging materials like aluminum, plastic, glass, and paperboard, but nowadays many eco-friendly packaging materials are also used. There are associations who are dedicated to every packaging materials e.g.;;; In case you want to follow green route and want help on various issues regarding sustainability then can be helpful.

  • Design costs:

After your development process is over and your specifications are set, about 80 percent of your cost is embedded, which means 20 percent will occur in the production stage. Hence, there may be opportunity for savings in the design/development phase. Try to interview numbers of designers to get the best price that is possible. Often those freshers out of their school or any small startup company are hungry enough to get your job done.

  • Production, printing, and labor:

You can also make tradeoffs between production and labor costs, but you must be sure that you understand various implications of these trade-offs in all aspects of your packaging.

  • Long-term savings:

In case, you want to move from manual-wrapping to automated wrapping, then there will be an additional capital cost for buying a machine, however the labor cost may go down significantly. Also, your retailer may prefer to buy more because of their consistent look of your package.