Great New Wines for Wine Lovers


One of the great things about wine is that there are always new brands and styles to try. Wineries are developing new wines every year and there is always something for everyone. If you’re a wine enthusiast, there are a lot of new wine options for you to try. You might have a preference already, and whether you like reds or whites or something in between, you’re going to find something you’ll love.

You should also know where you can order wine online so that you don’t have to worry about standing in a wine cellar for hours, trying to figure out your options and whether you’re going to find something you’ll love. Ordering online makes it a lot easier to shop for the types of wines you love and try new ones you might end up loving even more.

Shiraz Cabernet

You’ve probably tried a Shiraz before and you’ve probably also had a cabernet sauvignon as well. However, there are some wineries that actually make a combination of the two. There are organic versions of this wine, meaning that the grapes were treated differently than in some other vineyards and pesticides were replaced by alternatives. This red blend offers a variety of dark fruit notes, sometimes cherries and, other times, other fruits such as plums. For those who are feeling adventurous and are interested in trying new types of red wine blends, this can be a great option.


Often considered a sibling of the chardonnay, this type of white wine is full of flavour. Usually sweet with strong notes of acidity, Rieslings are a really great white wine that is really enjoyable, especially if you don’t prefer the darker flavours of red wines. There are also white blends but a Riesling is its own beverage. When you think of a Riesling, you should think of lighter fruits like peaches and pears, as these wines often contain notes of these types of fruits. Some people prefer white wine because it’s not as heavy, and if you’re not a huge fan of white wine, you might actually prefer a Riesling because it is still light but packed with flavour.

Where to Get the Best Wine Online

If you’re interested in ordering wine online, you should do a little bit of research. Try to find a place that has a lot of variety, such as Taphouse Cellars. These types of online wineries usually have a bigger selection of wines, which means you can try more without ever leaving your home.

Not sure what to get? Ask an online winery for a recommendation. Let them know your preferences such as whether you prefer whites or reds, what kind of other fruits you like, and, if applicable, what kind of food you’d like to pair a wine with. There are also a lot of different price ranges. So if you’re not planning on spending a lot of money on a bottle of wine you might not even like, you don’t have to worry about it. It’s important that you can find a site that offers plenty of different prices so that you can find something within your range.