Hand Held Espresso Maker


 People who love coffee tend to really, really love their coffee. They’ll frequent coffee shops and buy expensive beans in the hopes of being able to replicate their favorite drink at home. They might shun expansive chains and spend more time in small local shops where the barista knows their name and their drink. For some of these people it’s impossible to make the perfect espresso at home, nevertheless on the road or while camping up on a mountain. But what if it was possible? What if you could quickly and easily make the perfect espresso no matter where you were? I’m sure a lot of people would love it and be willing to shell out some money for that ease and delight.

            Espresso makers work by forcing super hot water through tightly packed espresso grounds. The process is really fast and the flavor comes from the water working its way quickly through the grounds and then being expelled into a cup. The result is a hot little cup of espresso, dark in color with a light head on top. The perfect espresso is creamy and hot, perfect to sip by itself or enjoy as a latte or a delightful macchiato.

            To be able to achieve this perfect drink when you’re not in a coffee shop seems like an unreachable dream, but thanks to a hand held espresso maker it’s no longer unattainable. This machine is small, powerful, and portable – a perfect trifecta for guaranteeing a wonderful cup of espresso. The attractive design is comfortable to hold, with a smooth handle for you to grip while the machine does all the work in pulling a shot of espresso for you. Since it’s so perfectly portable, you can use this espresso maker in your house, your bedroom, or out in nature. What could be better than a hot shot of espresso while watching the sun rise from your tent? There’s no other machine in the world that can give you this experience. Cordless and easy to transport, this will allow you to enjoy a cup of coffee anywhere you can think of.

            By simply providing the espresso grounds and water you can create a hot shot of espresso with a hand held machine. All three elements are easy to transport in a pack or simply to the bedroom and you can have exactly what you want, when and where you want it.