How Happy Hour Became a Trend?


Nowadays, it is common for every bar and restaurant to have a happy hour. This famous term denotes a period of time. It often ranges between 1 to 4 hours where the customers can make the most of the big discounts on selected alcoholic drinks at American Social Happy Hour. This also includes discounted snacks in some instances. If you are perfectly acquainted with what happy hour is, you have a little or no clue at all about how it all began. The story of its inception dates back to the early 20th century.

The happy sailor

The first Happy Hour events had very little association with marketing the bars and restaurants, bargain deals or even with alcohol. In the 1910s, the US Navy established a practice referred to as Happy Hours. Those events were hosted every week on the US Navy ships. The event organized dancing, live music, boxing matches, film screenings and so much more. The purpose of these events was quite simple—to make the boring mundane life a little more tolerable for the American sailors of that very era. And as those men’s purpose was to serve their country, the actual and original Happy Hours didn’t include alcohol at all.

How is alcohol associated with Happy Hour?

The delineation of the term Happy Hour was altered during the Prohibition which held between the years 1920 to 1933. As you might be aware of the fact that the sale, production, transportation, and importation of all kinds of alcoholic beverages were deemed illegal during that time. The supporters of this idea believed that such kinds of measures should be deemed mandatory to cure the country’s society from corruption, violence, and alcoholism. But, that didn’t mean that the Americans did not drink in those 13 years. Some Americans have stashed away a few valuable and precious bottles of their favorite liquor and they would invite their friends over to have a secret drink or two before they head out to dine in a restaurant. This was deemed a famous trend and that very soon, gained a name of its very own as the Happy Hour.

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