How to Cater the Ideal Party


If you are acting as a caterer for a party, then you need to keep some important facts in mind when setting up the catering utensils and selecting the recipes. For example, you will need to consider the availability of the ingredients for the foods that are being served.

Considering the Costs

Some exotic recipes or ingredient pairings sound delicious. However, when you plan the event, they don’t look so good on paper. That is because rare, exotic, or fresh foods are costlier, and therefore may need to be imported or ordered prior to a catered event. This kind of additional cost and time commitment can take a toll on profits and, in turn, increase the cost per plate for each customer.

The cost per serving for each food entrée also needs to be addressed. When making this determination, you still have to remember that your client is the boss. If they ask for an expensive ingredient, you need to make the price-related adjustments based on the substitutions. The same holds true if your client asks for a less expensive spread.

A Stylish Solution

When considering costs and time in the kitchen, you also need to look at the wholesale crockery that is available online. Expense, indeed, is an important component when it comes to customer service and making a profit. The crockery you serve should be as stylish and beautiful as it is affordable.

When preparing for a large gathering, you also have to think about how you will staff the event. Consider the preparation time, cooking time, and plating times whenever you are making recipe selections. That way you can find the right foods and entrées to suit your particular kitchen situation and time constraints.

Learning to Be Creative

Whilst some recipes are tried-and-true in nature, more and more people are seeking for a unique twist to make their catered event stand out. Therefore, you need to be creative about planning the appetisers, salads, soups, entrées, and desserts for a catered event.

For instance, offering the right variety in each of the aforementioned categories is one of the ways to make a menu more appealing, especially if you are dealing with a diverse clientele. Make sure you are flexible in your offerings, as we live in a society that embraces customisation, even in the catering field.

How to Make Dishes Stand Out

For example, you might feature appetisers such as traditional cheese puffs combined with French onion soup. The pocket-sized pastry is an ideal and tasty way to encourage pre-event snacking. If you are making salads for an event, add stuffed mushrooms to salads that feature the familiar combination of tomato, basil, mozzarella, and fresh salad greens. Include fresh pesto or roasted pine nuts to turn a catered salad into a main attraction at a hosted event.

Add a bit of kick to chicken noodle soup, too, by making it stand out on its own. Do this by adding coconut milk and tangy ginger. When served with elegant crockery, this memorable soup dish will create some extra buzz about a catered event.

As you can see, you can reduce costs but still give the clients what they want. If you want to make catering headlines, make sure you cut costs on the crockery so you can spend more money on fresh or one-of-a-kind sides or entrées.