Leave Simple Re-Heating Instructions


If you have been running a household for some time, you are likely very familiar with the way things go when you leave food to be reheated. You may have prepared a huge, beautiful, gourmet, five-course meal, but it will not be eaten in preference for a delivery pizza. Does your household actually prefer that garbage to the beautiful food you prepare? No, they just are intimidated by the food you cook!

Your family probably loves eating the food you make, but they are too afraid to touch it and try to prepare it themselves. Rather than risk messing up the prep work and having to explain to you that they goofed and ruined the meal, they would rather just order take out that is not as good. What is going on here? How can you get your family to eat the delicious and health-giving food that you have prepared for them, rather than eat the garbage that comes in a cardboard box via delivery?

You may have the practice of leaving lengthy instructions on how to re-heat each dish. This is probably your first mis-step. You see, children and loving spouses see a long list of instructions and immediately freeze up. They just are not sure how to proceed when it comes to a 10-step list of instructions that they need to deal with.

If you want to help your family negotiate a five-course meal re-heat, you need to break things down for them simply. Set them up with some simple instructions course by course by breaking it down with business-card sized instructions from Vistaprint. Make some cute cards that read “Easy to Follow Instructions!,” or something similar, and pin them to each dish in the refrigerator. This way, rather than see a huge list that intimidates them, your family will find simple two or three-step instructions pinned to each dish.

To get your family to eat the beautiful food that you leave for them when you take off for business trips or to work each evening, break it all down for them and set them up for success. This way, you continue to feel motivated to keep leaving out that gorgeous food for them, too.