Nine Awesome Tips to Come Up with the Perfect Gnocchi


Gnocchi is traditionally served as a starter rather than a soup or pasta. It traces is currently playing a significant role in both domestic and commercial cooking. Gnocchi is one of the easiest pasta to make because it only requires a potato, flour, and salt as its ingredients. Making potato gnocchi is a rewarding endeavor which gets easier the more times you make it using a gnocchi maker machine. To ensure you come up with the best gnocchi, consider the following tips:

Be Choosy with the Potato

Starchy russets provide gnocchi with a light texture. Boil your potatoes whole and unpeeled so they don’t absorb excess water. Make sure you peel off the skin soon to release the steam instead of absorbing it into the flesh.

Achieve a Fine Texture

This is possible by passing your boiled potatoes through a ricer. This tool looks like an oversized garlic press. The procedure will ensure you don’t come up with a lumpy gnocchi.

Convert the Potato Into a Dough while Still Warm

Don’t wait until your potatoes get cold to make the dough. Making the dough while your potatoes are still hot allows the egg to bind the dough thoroughly.

Use Flour Sparingly

The specific amount of flour to use will depend on the floor, potatoes, and your kitchen’s humidity. But, when you have to add flour, do it sparingly. Use enough to hold the dough together; however, not so much to create a heavy gnocchi.

Do not Overwork

It is important to handle the dough the gently since overworking it can leave it developing gluten. If this happens, your gnocchi will be tough. Use a light touch when mixing and shaping the dough.

Test for Texture

Before you start shaping your gnocchi, make and cook two for testing. In case the gnocchi falls apart, try to add more flour to the dough.

Free your Gnocchi

Freezing the gnocchi can make it easier to handle than fresh and hold their shape better when you have to cook them. You can easily loosen frozen gnocchi from a baking sheet by shaking the pan gently.

Avoid Overcooking

Cooking gnocchi for too long will let absorb too much water and become chewy and dense. Thus, make sure you don’t leave it when you cook it to ensure it is cooked ideally.

Don’t Strain

Gnocchi can be delicate enough to get squashed when drained. Once your gnocchi is cooked, just remove it from the pot using a slotted spoon or skimmer.