Quebec Sugar Shacks: Enjoying the Amazing Traditional Meals!


If you are here in Quebec in spring, there’s no way that you can miss sugar shacking. Okay, that might sound like a new term to many, but sugar shacks are an integral part of Quebec culture. For the uninitiated, a sugar shack is where maple syrup is derived from sap, and that only happens in springtime. Most sugar shacks are now open for the public, so you can plan a day here, enjoying incredibly famous Quebec food and activities like hiking.

Popular names like Érablière Meunier Richelieu will also arrange for a tour of the boiling room, where you can see how that golden syrup is made. Spring in Quebec is all about this sugaring-off ritual as the locals call it. In this post, we take you through the experience of having a meal at a cabane à sucre (sugar shack in French).

The love for maple syrup and all things good!

It’s rather not surprising that many of the recipes, especially the desserts, at sugar shacks are about maple syrup. This is a satisfying experience of sorts, and many shacks start taking bookings from winter. The best places cater to hundreds of people each season, while some are also open for catering outdoors and will arrange for personalized catering services on request. If you are new to Quebec, we recommend that you book your family trip in advance.

Experience the HUGE spread

Every sugar shack or cabane à sucre changes its menu every single day, but a few things can be considered staple and must be enjoyed. Typically, it all starts with a nice pea soup, following which you get the Quebec food that people often crave. This usually includes scrambled eggs, tourtière that’s also called the popular meat pie of Quebec, cretons, baked beans, fresh bread and baked potatoes. Sausages are also included on the menu, and you may or may not have the appetite for it, but pork rinds are a must. All the while, you will have maple syrup to go dip almost anything.

Don’t miss the desserts

While maple donuts, sugar pie and pancakes are popular, make sure that you have appetite for maple taffies. Warm maple syrup is poured in thin lines on snow, and you can use popsicle sticks to make maple taffies. Have as much as you want, and many locals even ask shacks to organize taffies for their own parties.

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