Questions to Ask Your Next Event Caterer Before You Hire Them


Planning a corporate event such as an end year party can be exciting. However, your corporate event should always be a clear reflection of your company’s virtues and what you believe in. One of the most critical aspects of planning for any corporate event is choosing a caterer who will take care of the food to be served. Although you may already have a few go-to South Florida catering companies, it is always good to have many options.

So, you have selected your preferred caterer, asked for a meeting which they are willing to have with you, but you don’t know what to ask them? Well, we got you covered. Here are the critical questions that you need to ask to ensure that you are hiring the right caterer.

Do You Have a Business License and Liability Insurance?

Since you don’t want to waste any time, it is good you start with this deal breaker catering question first. Make sure that you confirm whether the caterer is fully licensed and insured. Keep in mind that a business license and proper liability insurance are essential when working with any catering company. It is a must, and you shouldn’t tolerate any excuses on this one. If need be, feel free to request a copy of their insurance and license.

Are You Available on the Scheduled Date of My Event?

Once you are sure that the caterer is licensed to conduct business and insured, the next thing you need to confirm is their availability on the day of your event. If they say that they are available, it is also worth checking whether the same South Florida catering company will be catering for any other events on that day.

For instance, if they already have several other events that they will cater, you will want to determine how they plan to handle the workload without compromising on the quality of services offered. Will any aspects of the catering be outsourced?  Will all the food served to your guests be freshly prepared?

What Type of Cuisine Do You Specialize In?

Every chef in town has a signature style and a base catering menu for corporate and social events. Therefore, take your time to understand what it is that makes this caterer’s menu selections unique and delicious. You should also inquire about how the caterer plans to accommodate guests with various food allergies and dietary restrictions.

The primary reason why you should ask this question is to help you establish whether the caterer will have food-safe and sumptuous options for every guest at your corporate event. If the South Florida catering company has a niche menu such as vegan or a particular ethnic-centered menu, inquire about the options that they have for the guests who may prefer alternative options.

Do You Have Any References from Your Previous Clients?

Lastly, you will want to establish how other people feel about the services offered by the catering company. This is particularly important if you still have any second thoughts with the caterer. Don’t be afraid to ask them if they have any references from their past clients. Request for at least two references and make sure that you contact them for insights.  The information that you will gather from the previous clients will help you to decide on whether to push through with the caterer or not.