Spices And Combinations That Sure Will Delight Your Taste Buds!


There is nothing as relishing as spice in your food. And over time people have discovered new varieties of spices that do wonders to the food. From regional spices to the world acclaimed ones, the market has soon expanded into accepting new tastes and varieties when trying to add spice to the food.

One of the distinguished flavours to notice in this spectrum is the ghost pepper bacon and its dishes that have truly made a mark in the food industry. Some of the distinguished restaurants, pizzerias, snack centers and even bars offer exclusive dishes to meet the needs of the customers.

The zing of ghost pepper

Ghost pepper of bhut jholokia is one of the most popular chillies that is renowned for being awarded as the hottest chillies in the world. It is almost 400 times hotter and spicier than even Tabasco sauce. And therefore the unique taste and spice of the chilli is tried and tested by most restaurants to add in to taste they serve. Apart from being chilli, the ghost pepper has a unique taste which is unbeatable. Although small and easy to chew on, these chillies can uplift your senses and totally be worth a try for people who love an added extra spice in their food.

Dishes in ghost pepper style

A lot of Barbeque and smoked dishes today are flavoured with ghost pepper. And the one to top the list is the ghost pepper bacon. The simplicity of bacon matches with the spice of ghost pepper to provide for a unique combination that is a favourite amongst people. This combination is so loved that restaurants have some or the dishes revolving around it. Even at the grocery stores and more departmental stores one shall find ready packages of ghost pepper hot sauce and bacon slices to enjoy.

Spices that uplift the food quality

Pepper has been known to bring in a unique taste in food. So be it groung pepper, bell peppers, pepper corn or the most spicy ghost pepper – they have a uniqueness to give to the food With burgers and veggies stir fried and bakes to perfection with a little pepper there is sure to be a delight to the dish. This is the reason why most restaurants offer a variety of pepper condiments with their food.

Ghost pepper bacon combination is a must try for people who love to explore their taste and try a little spicy food. Go an edge high on the taste palette and give your taste buds a joy ride.