Thinking of Catering a Party? Some Tips to Make the Task Easier


If you are hosting a party and wish to have it catered, not only can you customise your menu, you can also take care of details, such as setup and service. Service solutions are designed for cocktail parties, large events, and office meetings.

No-frills Catering

For instance, you may be seeking a no-frills catering arrangement. In this case, the catered food is delivered in disposable boxes and bowls. That way, the food can be served either as-is or using your own platters. The beverages for the no-frills event are sent in separate bottles, and coffee arrives in thermos flasks. Disposable tableware is also used at a no-frills catered event.

Wooden Board Setup

You can also host a catered party that offers wooden board set-up. In this case, one of the catering staff will set up the food at your party’s site on wooden boards. The food on the backdrops is garnished beautifully, and complimentary tableware is offered as well. If the occasion is more formal, cutlery, glassware, and crockery are available for hire.

Full-event Catering

If you are seeking to impress the attendees at your party, then canapes catering in Dubai can be arranged. Full-event catering like this can range from pass-around canapes and drinks for a garden party to the establishment of pop-up delis. Whatever service you choose can be customised to meet the needs of your particular event.

Equipment and Furnishings

Some of the equipment that is used for more formal catered affairs includes crockery and cutlery for the food, and crockery for hot beverages. Glassware, as noted, is also included in the hire price. Tables can also be hired in various styles or designs. For example, you can hire a skinny buffet table with a stretch cover or a buffet table with the same type of covering. Round cocktail tables and wooden bars are available for use as well.

Ice for Your Party

Catering specialists also serve ice in small and large coolers. If you opt for the smaller size, you can get about fifty servings. The larger sized cooler provides about 200 servings of ice.

Staffing Costs

Typically, staffing prices are charged per hour per staff member. The catering staff are usually hired at a minimum four-hour rate. These four hours include two hours of service and one hour each for setup and packing up.

If you choose to cater your event in the daytime, then the hours normally fall between 7am and 12am. The staff that are requisitioned for a daytime event include the head chef and bartender, catering supervisor, junior chef, pass-around wait staff, chef’s assistant, buffet attendant, and catering steward.

Late night catered events require staff between 12am and 7am. Usually, for these events, the same type of staffing assistance is required. All the equipment and staffing, though, are subject to availability, and therefore are only hired in connection with the order placed. Any breakages to the equipment will be invoiced for the at-market cost.